Clipper Repair


Clippers Should Be Serviced at Least Twice a Year Depending on
Oster Clippers May be More Than Twice a Year if the Hair is not
Cleaned out of the Clipper. Andis Clippers are More Trouble Free but Still Need Minor Up-keep-Keeping Hair Clear of the Drive Area is Mandatory. Changing Out the Blade Drive Once a Month or at Least Every Other Month is Recommended.

What to Look For
If You Start to See The Blades Leaving Lines on the Fur. If Your Blades Pull (Mainly the 10's & 7's). Your Blade Drives or Levers May be Worn. There May Also be a Problem With Your Hinge. If You Can Move the Hinge With Your Finger at All, its Time to Change it.

I Will Tell You if
the Clippers are not Worth Fixing

I Have Been Factory Trained in Clipper Repair and Continue Training as New Models and Parts Become Available,You
Can Trust me With Your Clippers If I Feel the Cost is Going to be to High I Will Discuss the Repair With You to make Sure You are Comfortable and Understand What is Going on With Your Clipper.