Sharpening Scissors

I Use the Kuda Scissor Sharpening
Machine(Trained and Certified)This is The MOST Advanced Flat Hone Sharpening

Available Producing the Hamaguri Edge.

The Design of The Torsional Edge Clamp Used on the Kuda Sharpening Machine is Based on what the Scissor is
doing. Years of Research have led us to this Fact. Others Machines Based their Design on what the Sharpener will do to a Scissor. There is a difference.They're still Changing the Dynamics AND the Intent that the Scissor Manufacturers have
Placed in their Product. That is Why the Scissor DOES NOT Feel Right When You get it Back from an Untrained Sharpener Using an Inferior Machine.

There is a mysterious little secret that the sharpening industry doesn't want you to know... The cutting angle on a scissor, whether beveled or convex, changes from
where it starts at the pivot and ends at the tips. For instance: If the finished edge angle is supposed to be 45 degrees, in reality the finished edge angle at the tips is slightly less. This engineered design has been used by the scissor manufacturers forever. This angle change at the tips is directly related to blade length. In other words, the longer the scissors' blade, the higher the
degree of angle change. In some cases, we have measured the finished angle difference in excess of 11 degrees.


Because there is less mass at the scissors'
tips, this section of the blade is the weakest part. The ANGLE CHANGE provides greater cutting ability at the tips. Combined with proper tension and set, this angle change design also allows the tips of the scissors to cut as smoothly and
with the same force as the scissor cuts at the pivot point. The slightly less angle at the tips also offers a bit more of edge protection where they are most prone to nicks. Kuda Sharpening Systems has never adhered to this method of
marketing that has become so prevalent in the industry today.They have not and will not, promote untruths to increase our profits. It is not fair to You customers. We relentlessly continued our research and development of a truly
unique sharpening tool. They have finally developed a clamping device that will duplicate the slight twisting action needed to accurately reproduce the angle change. Until now, this was only possible by free hand sharpening.
Introducing...The Torsional Edge Clamp.

BENEFIT FROM the Kuda Torsional Edge Clamp?

For a stylist or dog groomer, the scissors will cut and perform the way the scissor was intended to from the factory. They will be able to perform slide cutting with the main body
of the blade, and be able to blunt cut and chip with the tips. They can expect their scissors to be sharper than new, but maintain the factory feel that made them purchase the shear in the first place. More importantly, they will benefit from the fact that less metal is removed while servicing their shears. This will greatly extend the life of their treasured scissors.